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Seventh Grade Programming

Semester 1 & 2

Core Curriculum* 

  • Language Arts 7 
    • Advanced Option: Advanced Studies Language Arts 7
  • 7th Math 
    • Advanced Option: 7th Accelerated Math 
  • Science 7 
    • Advanced Option: Science 7 
  • Ancient World History 
    • Advanced Option: Advanced Studies Ancient World History

Required Electives* 

Health (Semester) 

Physical Education (Semester) 

Elective Options - Students will select electives that equal a total of two units of credit. Students may choose from the following electives to complete their schedule:  Quarter = .25 units Semester = .5 units Year = 1.0 units 

Business, Marketing, and Information Technology (Quarter) 

Engineering & Industrial Technology (Quarter) 

Experiencing Family Consumer Science (Quarter) 

Exploring Language and Cultures (Quarter) 

Exploring Speech and Theatre (Quarter) 

SMARTS (Quarter) 

7th-grade Art (Semester) 

7th-grade Vocal Music (Semester) OR 7th-grade Select Choir audition required (Semester) 7th Grade Band (Year) 

String Orchestra (Year)


Course Descriptions

Core Curriculum: 

All 7th grade students will automatically be enrolled in these classes.

Required Electives:

All students will take these electives.

Elective Options

Students select electives that equal a total of two units of credit.