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Sixth Grade Core Curriculum

All 6th grade students will automatically be enrolled in these classes.

Language Arts Reading 6 (Full Year)

The sixth grade reading course is designed to build independent readers and critical thinkers. Students learn and apply key comprehension strategies to help them understand what they read when reading a wide variety of literature and nonfiction texts. Vocabulary lessons provide instruction in word meanings and focus on developing word learning strategies to support students when reading independently. 

Language Arts Writing 6 (Full Year)

The sixth grade writing course is designed to help students build their writing skills as they become independent writers. Students hear and discuss examples of good writing and write original pieces in a variety of genres. They use the writing process of prewriting, drafting, revising, proof-reading and publishing when writing for variety purposes and audiences. Grammar and mechanics instruction occurs during the revision and proofreading phases of the writing process. 

6th Math (Full Year)

Students are recommended for this class based on their achievement and previous successful experience with mathematics. 6th Math topics include operations with fractions and decimals, rational numbers, ratios, unit rates, and percentages; algebraic expressions; solving and writing one-step equations and inequalities; two- and three-dimensional geometry; data sets and problem-solving strategies. Remediation of basic mathematics skills will be provided for selected students. Daily homework will  be assigned. Note: Students in 6th Math can move to 7th Accelerated after taking the Summer Bridge Course to make up content missed in 6th Accelerated.

6th Accelerated Math (Full Year)

Students are recommended for this class using multiple data points, including their achievement and previous successful experience with mathematics. 6th Accelerated Math includes all 6th-grade math standards plus half of the 7th-grade math standards (i.e. 1 ½ years of math content in one school year).  Students should have a strong number sense, be able to master concepts quickly, and persevere when content is challenging.  Strong reading skills are recommended. Daily homework and projects will be assigned. This course will prepare students for  7th Accelerated Math.

Science 6 (Full Year)

This course is designed to investigate our world through the study of Life Science. Students will learn inquiry skills by using the science and engineering practices developed within the Next Generation Science Standards. While using the science and engineering practices, students will learn about the Structure and Function of Cells, Animals and Plants, Evolution and Ecosystems. Students will use hands-on activities and inquiry based instruction to learn about Life Science. 

World Geography (Full Year)

The study of world geography and cultures focuses on human and physical systems of the world’s regions. The emphasis is on the interaction between/among these systems as they impact the establishment and evolution of societies. Students will utilize spatial reasoning and examine organization of people, places, and environments to understand that human and physical systems vary from place to place, change over time, and give meaning to places. In a time of globalization, students will understand that geography influences culture, migration of people, diffusion of ideas, and the development of new technologies. 

Course Descriptions

Core Curriculum: 

All 6th grade students will automatically be enrolled in these classes.

Required Electives:

All students will take these electives.

Exploratory Courses:

Students take three six-week courses per semester if they do not participate in band or strings.

Electives (Band or Strings):

Students may take year-long band or strings courses in place of exploratory courses.