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Sixth Grade Required Electives

6th Grade Physical Education .50 (Semester)

Fitness is the foundation of the middle school physical education curriculum. Middle school physical education activities will include  a variety of team sports, individual sports, and lifetime activities. Our goal is to promote physical activity, other healthy behaviors  and fitness throughout life. The objectives of physical education are to develop motor skills in a variety of activities; to establish lifelong foundations of physical fitness; to acquire knowledge of physical activities; to incorporate technology; and, to develop  positive character traits through social interaction with other students. The Fitnessgram, a fitness test administered twice a year, measures cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. Class activities are designed to enhance each of these areas while encouraging and developing each student’s individual level of fitness. 

6th Grade Art .25 (Quarter)

This course is an introduction to Visual Arts in the Middle school. Students will learn fundamental art concepts through hands-on, creative activities. Emphasis is placed on self-expression and creative problem solving. 

6th Grade Vocal Music .25 (Quarter)

This music class is designed as an exploratory course for all students who enjoy music. The basic elements of the course are: understanding and learning about music notation, ensemble singing, listening, and music appreciation. Students who show a desire to continue in Music and demonstrate aptitude in Vocal Music are recommended for 7th grade Vocal Music or 7th grade Select Choir. Note: there is not a required performance for this course. 

Course Descriptions

Core Curriculum: 

All 6th grade students will automatically be enrolled in these classes.

Required Electives:

All students will take these electives.

Exploratory Courses:

Students take three six-week courses per semester if they do not participate in band or strings.

Electives (Band or Strings):

Students may take year-long band or strings courses in place of exploratory courses.