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Incorporating student voices into the decisions we make about how we care for students, learn in the classroom and plan for the future is important.

LSR7 provides students grades 3-12 with the opportunity to directly share input about their experiences in our schools through Panorama surveys shared multiple times throughout the year.

These surveys include: 

Social emotional learning surveys ask questions about how students feel about current learning - including classes and performance in school - in different school environment situations.

Student support/climate & equity surveys ask students about how they feel about their specific school and experiences at school in general.

Panorama surveys help us gauge how safe students feel at school and how connected they feel to their peers and teachers. They also show us how students perceive their own social and emotional skills.

All responses shared in these surveys are secure, and only your student’s teachers and school leaders are able to see individual survey results. The responses give the staff members who care for your students valuable student data to provide support and intervention where needed. 

Questions about Panorama surveys, including opt-out information, should be directed to your student's building leader.

Panorama FAQs