Happy New Year Team!

Welcome to 2018!  With each new year comes reflection, goal setting and those binding (yeah right) resolutions — all of which are intended to aid us in becoming our most powerful self. The challenge is being vulnerable in our reflections and setting goals that really extend us into another level of effectiveness. And those foolproof resolutions (wink, wink), they really propel us into greatness.

So as we enter this time of reflection and goal setting, your superintendent is going to build upon the newness of 2018 by starting a new Superintendent’s Blog! One to two times per month I will use this forum to share some professional learnings and communicate my most candid thoughts and reflections.  

I had the opportunity to visit a restaurant during the holiday season and across the top of the menu I read the following, “This menu changes daily.” I questioned my waitress about this statement and she said, “Yes! The menu undergoes several changes every day.” Well, this restaurant was packed, and I learned that people continue to come back for the great food (their core business) and the variety. I learned that the chef, who is also the owner, came up with this concept! Wow, he really internalized the quote widely attributed to Heraclitus, “The only thing constant is change.”

With my new blog entitled The Learning Changes Daily, I want to follow the blueprint outlined by this chef/owner: Great learning (our core business) and variety. Here you might find stories of district/individual student successes, reflections on current events and maybe even personal stories to accentuate or exemplify abstract ideas.  

As members of our school district community, I hope you’ll keep coming back to this blog just like the patrons of the cool restaurant I visited this past weekend. Who knows, maybe this blog will attract a cult-like following that rivals this eclectic East Atlanta restaurant. They have good food; I’ll have great learning. They have variety, and I will too have variety! So welcome to my new blog where The Learning Changes Daily.

Dr. Dennis L. Carpenter

Dr. Dennis L. Carpenter joined the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District in July 2017. He has a total of 21 years in public education with extensive experience in instruction and operations as well as in elementary and secondary schools. Dr. Carpenter earned his bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, his master’s degree in educational leadership, an education specialist degree and a doctorate degree in educational leadership and educational administration. Dr. Carpenter is married to Dr. LaQuanda Carpenter, and they have two young children.